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Interview with Simon Rivest on his journey with Network Marketing

I’m also presenting a 2nd interview on the blog today, in this interview I question Simon Rivest about network marketing and his journey as a young entrepreneur.WWINNING You can checkout his new site at

1. What got you interest in network marketing? Share your story.

What’s funny it was pure randomness, I was in a store, and at that time i was talking to everyone having the hope that someone could give me a traditional ¨job¨, because at the time i was broke and job less and needed a way to pay my rent , real bad!

2. What are some tips you can share about recruiting others into your business?

Always be sincere with peoples, always say the truth, be transparent, don’t pressure, be yourself , be nice, be the kind of people you would like to be surround with, try to be the nicest person you ever met.

3. How do you stand out in a unique way from other marketers promoting the same content or product as you?

I’m pretty sure I work harder then any one else in my market, I organize an event, I make myself a known name in the business in my area, I also use a lot of social media to stand out from the crowd.

4. You mentioned you had a lot of success at one point and lost it all, what have you done to recover so quickly?

Long story short , me and my ex girlfriend were the number 1 distributor in the province of Quebec for our company, we made bad business decisions and we lost everything. The reason why I came back strong a couple month after is that, i did not accept to victimize or give myself any excuses.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Help other duplicate my success and comeback as the no.1 in my market!