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Interview with Rebecca Collins of

Today I am presenting another written interview with Rebecca Collins of which is a unique android application for organizing and managing your makeup collection.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in developing a make up application for the smart phone? Share your story.

In my work life I always look at how I set up data to let is be easily accessed and used later. I find it hard to switch of that part of my brain and when I was cruising the internet looking for cosmetic reviews I noticed that most of the beauty bloggers were using a excel or Google Docs spreadsheet to keep a track of the makeup they already owned. It seemed not ideal as it was hard to link images (and beauty blogs are intrinsically image heavy), and not that easy to access on the go (ie in a shop). It seemed like an application that really called out for an app for phone/tablet.

2. How did you go about getting help getting an application like this developed? How many people helped with the overall creation of it?

Our immediate team is 2. We have preferred to keep the team small in the start and call in resources on as needs basis for different parts of the project – so our web developer is a 3rd party and so forth. All up probably close to 20 people have been involved in different capacities over the life of the project.

3. How have you marketed your application and what has been working well for you?

Facebook has been a great source of downloads for us as we can target the demographics and already ‘liked’ pages to achieve good target group. We have also found word of mouth is incredibly useful as most of our users are heavy social media users.

4. What allows your application to stand out from others in your niche? Have you found other competitors doing something similar?

We have built our app from the perspective of a user, so we have a really clean and useful user interface and are constantly working on making this more user friendly. Our competitors are primarily building from the perspective of brands and advertisers.
5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

We have a new smartphone version of our app coming out at the end of May with a new upgrades and hopefully a much smoother Android process, and have plans to upgrade to an optimized tablet version of our app in the future.