Building a new brand and starting a mastermind group

I thought I’d write up a blog post regarding some recent branding changes I’ve decided to make and the new mastermind group I’ve decided to start. Ever since listening to and reading Pat Flynn’s blog post about starting a mastermind group.

I’ve always been the type of person that has found myself motivated by others, it’s always a lot easier for me when I have people that are interested in the same things that I am and are pushing me to stay motivated and committed to something. In the past this has been most helpful for me when doing work out programs such as P90X, it’s a lot easier to stick to working out daily when you have friends that join you.

So I decided to start my own mastermind group based on that blog post, for the past 3 weeks I have been spending 1 hour each week early in the morning with Mike Thomas of the interview show

Mike has nearly 200 episodes now and has been doing interviews almost daily for quite some time. It’s proving to both allow him to build relationships and generate profit from his fans and visitors purchasing interviewee’s products. Mike has been a great help for me getting started with my show and that’s why I asked him to join me in starting this mastermind. We also had Joseph Rodrigues of join us last week and Dale Goodwin from will be joining our group call this week.

Re-branding my show and my website domain name

It’s exciting to see progress, and after my discussions with Mike he felt my show name didn’t fit very well. I decided to move away from my domain and move towards an actual brand name. I wanted something simple, easy to say over audio/video and something that made sense for what it is that I’m doing. I probably spent far too much time figuring this out but I ended up coming up with the new brand name for my blog – Voices Of Marketing.

I am planning to re-launch my Podcast with the original and new interviews I have done with this new name, I am actually just waiting on a logo design and it will be super easy to submit my show into iTunes again with the new name. I’m going to keep The Testimonial Technique as a tactic and not a brand or show name, many people came to me and admitted they were confused by this. So all confusion aside, the new brand name fits and it’s simple, and I really like it.

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