Becoming Financially Free With Martin Dasko – Ep. 33

On today’s episode I interview Martin Dasko who runs a blog called I discovered Martin on the QuickSprout forums. I have yet to have anyone on the show that talks about getting out of debt, saving money and becoming financially free so I was really excited to have Martin as a guest. In this interview we also talk a lot about creating freedom for your life and still enjoying the things you really want to do such as traveling.

On Martin’s site he has great blog posts about destroying your credit card debt or even finding the best student credit cards.

Martin was able to save over $25,000 by the age of 25 which is quite uncommon now a days with student debt after graduating from college.

*Martin did not have a webcam available so this is actually an audio only video.

Checkout the interview:

Resources mentioned in this show:

Martin’s blog Studenomics