Mike Thomas Discusses The Benefits Of Hosting An Interview Show Ep.19

When I originally started becoming interested in the idea of starting my own interview show I actually mentioned to a fellow online friend that I had this interview show idea for online marketers, his response to me was “Like Mike From Maine?” Of course at the time I had no clue who Mike was and what it was that he was doing. I found myself checking out thinking to myself “This guy is doing exactly what I want to do!”

The great thing about having your own interview show is there are unlimited amounts of prospects and people to connect with and learn from, I knew Mike would be someone I could learn from. I started following his show and listened to various episodes on what appeared to be interesting topics. Mike was actually very helpful when I reached out asking for tips and advice and has recently met up with me for weekly calls to help me a long with my online show. Mike actually pushed me to re-brand my show and I’m glad he did because I feel a lot more confident about what I’m doing and where I’m headed with the concept of hosting an interview show.

In today’s episode I had the pleasure to interview Mike and let him share his story, Mike has now interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs in less than a year doing nearly an episode every day! We talk a lot about Mike’s success and failures along with his first online product “Product Launch Confessions” which features interviews and insights from over 30 entrepreneurs who have created and promoted online products.

Here is the interview:


Resources from this episode:

Mike’s Blog & Interview Show – The Mike From Maine Show

Interview Shows Mentioned:

Mixergy with Andrew Warner

The Rise To The Top with David Siteman Garland

Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Product Launch Confessions (affiliate link)

Create Awesome Interviews Course With David Siteman Garland (affiliate link)


Building Social Proof With The Testimonial Technique

Are you looking to build more social proof online?

As of the past few weeks I decided to start down my own path of building a website that revolved around interviewing others, I thought I’d write this post and share how I used the testimonial technique to start creating more social proof for myself.

So I’ve now interviewed 3 people that are online internet marketers, I found these people through connections on Facebook and knew from having conversations with them that they were people who enjoyed giving value and actually were people I was interested in getting to know better as well as learning about their story and what it is they are doing online.

I came up with the simple idea of using the testimonial technique to give back to others, share my knowledge, build stronger relationships and develop more connections online.

So, out of these 3 interviews each one of these marketers gladly went and made a brand new blog post about the interview, and then they shared it on all the major social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Just getting started with social proof

I’m only just getting started with these interviews and I am already loving the results. Now, I don’t expect everyone to go out and start interviewing people. The idea behind my testimonial technique method is that if you have purchased a product, service or have a positive comment to share about a person that has helped you, what better way than to help them out by leaving them a testimonial in the form of a video or comment?

So what happens?

When you make a testimonial, help someone out, give value or say something positive about someone, they will love it!

Here is one example:

Ben Davis created an entire blog post featuring the interview I did with him and linked back to my blog. Ben has an Alexa ranking of around 188k at the time of writing this and gets a lot of traffic to his website through social media syndication. This helps create more social proof not only for Ben, but for me as well.

John Shea Interviews Ben Davis.

Do you see how this helps to improve your own social proof?

I offered Ben something of a value and in exchange with out me asking he gladly posted an entire blog post about the interview on his own site. Saqib Khan also created a blog post that totaled over 50 likes and Tweets, featuring the interview and Shawn Wallace also created a blog post and wrote about his interview.

Using the testimonial technique you can simply make a quick video testimonial for someone you personally work with, just watch how people respond and give back in return!