Learning from the SEO Wizard Rob Fore – Ep.13

I am excited to share this brand new interview with Rob Fore. I have been following Rob for almost a year now and he has personally helped me throughout my online marketing journey many times when I was getting started online. Rob is very seldom to SEO and is basically an SEO Wizard! He has managed to rank for some very competitive terms driving tons of traffic to his blog allowing him to earn a generous income through affiliate marketing and MLM style businesses over the years.

I actually purchased some of my first products for online marketing & SEO through Rob. He has been one of the most helpful leaders out there when it comes to asking questions and seeking help getting started.

In this interview we discussed some basic and advanced SEO tactics along with some general guidelines about getting started marketing online, consistency was a big topic of discussion. We also talked about various SEO and keyword research tools among some tactics discussed over on Source-Wave. Rob has seen some recent success with using high PR domains to rank his websites.

Download Mp3 From DropBox (Will be uploaded soon)

Tools and Websites mentioned in this interview:

Websites Mentioned:

Rob Fore’s Blog

Source Wave

SEO & Keyword Research Tools:

Market Samurai

Long Tail Pro (affiliate link)

SEOCockpit (affiliate link)

SEO Training Programs:

SEO Omega (Affiliate link)

Rob Fore’s Predatory SEO Course

Expired Domains & PR Tools:

GoDaddy Auctions

PR PowerShot (affiliate link)



Niche Sites with Matthew Allen – Ep.8

While searching for keyword research tools such as Long Tail Pro on Google I came across a blog called run by a fellow named Matthew Allen. I really enjoyed his content and liked that he was generating passive income with niche sites. I reached out to interview Matt and he has actually been helping me quite a bit recently. Matt actually works a full time job and has a family but still wakes up early in the morning to get more done online with his marketing efforts.

Matt didn’t have a camera so this is actually an audio only interview. We did end up sort of jumping around between topics but I think we covered a lot and it was a great interview!