Becoming A Lifestyle Entrepreneur With Navid Moazzez – Ep. 31

In today’s episode I interviewed Navid Moazzez of Navid is a lifestyle entrepreneur who also happens to host an interview show. I actually found Navid’s blog while browsing YouTube looking at other folks who have interviewed Pat Flynn.

In this episode we talk a lot about interviewing other successful entrepreneurs and some tactics that have worked for Navid to generate him a lot of traffic. Navid was able to create a post highlighting 15 of the biggest interview show hosts and podcasters, he then reached out to everyone mentioned and simply let them know they were featured. Some of them went ahead and shared the post on their Facebook fan pages or Twitter, this gave him a huge boost in his traffic getting him 700 unique visitors in one day and over 100 comments on the post!

You can checkout the post here.

Navid learned this tactic from David Siteman Garland of The Rise To The Top. David’ has a post here that explains the tactic in detail, definitely worth checking out.

We also talk about finding mentors, mastermind groups, and even some of Navid’s goals.

Checkout the interview:

Resources mentioned in this show:

Navid’s Blog

The Rise To The Top

David’s Shout Out Strategy