My Overview Of The Klout Social Media Website

Using the Klout social media site you earn what they call +K. I recently started using a website called Empire Avenue and found many people requesting +K on a website called Klout so I decided to sign up and check it out for myself.

Getting Started With The Klout Social Media Site

Klout is very simple, all you really need to do is link up your popular social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, FourSquare etc. The more others interact with your posts the better your Klout score will be.

After I logged in with Klout social media for one day I received a Klout score of 55 based on my connected sites and my current user interaction. Other users who are on Klout can also give me +K in specific topics I choose to display such as Social Media, Facebook, Blogging, Fitness etc. The more my friends do this for me they help my score go higher, the score also goes higher the more that people interact with my social media posts that are connected with Klout social media. I wanted to use Klout to help with my blogging efforts.

Learning About Your Klout Social Media Score

Klout basis your score on multiple different interactions within your social media engagement, basically the more popular specific content is on your social networks the better your Klout score will be. For a full overview of how the scoring works you can checkout this page here.

Klout Social Media Perks

As your Klout score increases you can earn perks, I am still new to using the Klout social media site but upon signing up and syncing my accounts I received a perk from a company called Moo that creates business cards. Just my luck I was looking to order business cards for my website Metalcore Kingdom. I was able to order 50 cards by just paying for shipping at only $5.50! The cards arrived last night and they are really good quality. I am pretty happy with the Klout social media website so far and plan to help others out by giving them +K and hoping they can earn some cool perks as well! Klout claims they give out these perks based on your location, Klout score and interests. Checkout the information page here.

I hope you enjoyed my post on the Klout social media site, go sign up here! Don’t forget to give me some +K! My Username is Aehs01.

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