How To Create Better Customer Relationships By Sending E-mails

customer relationshipsSo what not better way to share my thoughts on creating better customer relationships, business partners, fans and followers by sharing a story in today’s post. I have had a lot of success by simply sending out e-mails to other people in the online marketing space just striking up conversation based around something they have done with their blog or have created. People like to know when they are helping others.

About 5 months ago I was researching the idea of purchasing a keyword research tool to understand how to rank more content on Google and possibly even build a niche site. At the time there was a lot of people for years that had talked about Market Samurai but I had also heard of a newer tool called Long Tail Pro. So I did what most people do these days, I started searching and comparing both tools by reading articles on Google. So of course, I typed in one of the most obvious search terms “Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro” and I came about Matt Allen’s blog post (currently ranking #2 for this search at the time of writing). I left a comment about how helpful his post was and from there I decided to give the 7 day trial version of Long Tail Pro a shot.

Since Matt was having some success with his online ventures and his blog Dumb Passive Income part time I decided to reach out and simply ask if he was interested in allowing me to interview him for my show. I had already interviewed about 7 people at the time and purely look at my blog as a way to invite guests who can bring any knowledge to the table. Within a couple weeks I was able to have Matt on the show and we talked for nearly 2 hours including the interview itself. Matt got to share his story about how he got started online and also focus on the topic of niche sites, something he had experience with and I was and am still learning about myself.

Sending E-mail – A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy

One of my favorite blog’s to read is, Derek Halpern recently wrote a blog post about a simple yet so easily misunderstood concept.. e-mailing people!

Beyond just leaving a comment on Matt’s blog I took the time to actually reach out and focus on him. I asked if he would like to be on my show, talk about his story and share his knowledge with my audience. It’s really that simple, I’ve used this same exact tactic to land high end guests on my show such as Pat Flynn, Shane Melaugh, Andrew Warner, Rob Fore and many others!

You could easily base an e-mail around the same idea referencing content on someone’s blog, talking about how it helped them and providing ways you can benefit them.

Checkout Derek’s post on e-mailing people and then watch the video below.

How Testimonials Help Build Better Customer Relationships

Matt has continued to stay in touch with me over the past several months by actively e-mailing me with comments, thoughts and suggestions on my site, introducing me to other online marketers and admitting he listens to all of my Podcast episodes. I really thought Matt went above and beyond what most people would do to stay in touch so I actually made a testimonial for him:

Creating a testimonial is my way of giving back and showing my appreciation for help and guidance, I’ve created testimonials for many other people and each of them always reaches back out to me to thank me.

I’ve now created multiple videos like this, including testimonials for Pat Flynn, Mike Thomas and Shane Melaugh for how much they give back to the online community and for helping me out.

You can  also checkout a tactic I like to call The Testimonial Technique, the tactic is basically showing proof that when you do something positive for people they will thank you in return and generally you will stand out to them in a positive way.

Create Written Or Video Reviews To Build Strong Business Relationships

Since starting to interview other entrepreneurs online I have been able to build some really great relationships, I could e-mail any one of the people I’ve now interviewed and possibly ask for help or advice on a given topic they have knowledge about. The unique thing about interviewing people is there are so many people that are knowledgeable on all kinds of different topics.

I interviewed Ronnie Bincer and we talked quite a lot about using Google Hangouts for just meet ups or even doing interviews. I won’t go into depth here but merely purchasing a microphone and webcam will allow you use Google Hangouts for free allowing you to instantly upload the recording right to YouTube. Even if you only did one interview a month, they are very easy to schedule and setup if you use a service like Schedule Once. If you decide to get serious then I suggest going through Pat’s free Podcasting Tutorial.

You can checkout these two interviews I did with Mike Thomas & Andrew Warner who both run very popular interview shows:

Mike Thomas Discusses The Benefits Of Hosting An Interview Show

Learning About Hosting An Interview Show With Andrew Warner of Mixergy

Some Great Tips For Building Better Customer Relationships

So let’s recap:

  • When you find a post on Google while researching a topic for yourself take those extra couple minutes to leave a comment and start a relationship from there with the owner about the topic.
  • Send an e-mail to them (Revolutionary Right?) Focus on how you can help someone, mention that you enjoyed their post or content and focus on them in the e-mail, offer ways to help them out.
  • Create Testimonials – Create a testimonial for someone who has helped you and why, it only needs to be a couple minutes long.
  • Interview people – What better way to build or get to know other people as customers, or business partners is to e-mail them and request an interview. You can use Google Hangouts to do this and it’s completely free if you have a microphone and a webcam (both very inexpensive these days).

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you start creating better relationships online.
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How a Joint Venture Partnership Scored Me Free Content

So I’ve recently started to utilize a great joint venture partnership with someone who simply shares a similar common interest as me. I wanted to write a blog about this and give some examples of how powerful this can be, you can use this for just about any business, website or blog you choose if done properly.

Back in April of 2012 I started my own WordPress site based around a niche idea of promoting music video content for a specific genre of metal music. Since this was a growing community and bands are emerging left and right, I knew this would be a great idea for a website if done properly. I researched themes for WordPress, found a good domain I liked and got started. My website was never really intended to contain a lot of actual content besides videos but I was open to possibly writing reviews, I never really had the motivation or a great drive to really write quality posts about a specific album or new bands.

I started my own Facebook fan page and I put up a main Facebook fan page ‘Like’ button widget on my sidebar. So I slowly began to get followers here and there from website traffic, I didn’t want to put any money into Facebook ads or really go crazy with promotional strategies. My website was already averaging 50-100 hits a day from simply Embedding YouTube videos. I decided to start looking into ways I could get more traffic and maybe even find my first joint venture partnership.

joint venture partnership

How searching for people with common interests landed me my first joint venture partnership

Since this sub-genre of metal was getting bigger, I decided to start seeking out Facebook fan pages that might promote this kind of music. I found a page with around 8000 followers. I sent them a very straight forward message letting them know about my site and what I’ve been doing. Here would be an example of what I would say if you are looking to introduce yourself:

Hey, how’s it going? I saw you run this page and promote Metalcore music. I personally run a website that promotes Metalcore Music videos. Do you have any interest in possibly working together to promote this music?

Now in my case, I found out it was a single person that was running the page as opposed to multiple people and he was a huge fan of this music, he also wanted to help spread the word to other people. This was perfect!

So for months I had a form on my site that allowed people to submit an inquiry to me if they wanted to participate by helping out on the site to submit content. Every once in a while I’d get an e-mail, with most people I’d spend a lot of time going out of my way to show them over Skype/screen share or even talk on the phone to guide them on how to get started. One guy I even did a screen share with and he refused to chat over the phone, so I typed out the instructions over Facebook chat to get him started. What a time consuming nightmare this was! Come to find out he writes 2 paragraphs and never even published a single article.

I couldn’t find any solid people that would put in a real effort into doing anything, even if I showed them how to do it they never took action and did anything with the opportunity.

How benefiting others in a joint venture partnership will bring you results

Since Andrew, the owner of this Facebook fan page actually had an interest in working with me he also spent the time with me to talk over the phone, spend over an hour on a screen share with me and learn about what I was doing and how he could help me. In exchange I decided to offer to promote his fan page on the main page of my website

Over a span of about 4-5 months, Andrew’s fan page grew from 8000~ fans to over 10,000 fans. Considering I average 50-100 visitors a day there is a high chance a lot of fans discovered his page when they were browsing my site. When Andrew hit 10,000 fans he decided to make 5 YouTube videos talking about his story and how he got into this music in the first place. He asked me to simply share his story on the site. I decided to not only share it, but feature it on the main slider of the home page front and center for any new visitors.

The joint venture partnership free content promotion

Simply asking Andrew for a favor at this point was mutual, I helped him not only promoting his fan page but even featuring his story on my site.

joint venture partnership

I sent him a message asking if he could write to his Facebook fan page of 11,000 people to see if anyone is simply interested in submitting content to the page, the last thing I expected was to receive near 25 e-mails from people that wanted to help, some to go as far as viewing the application like they were submitting a resume asking for specific qualifications.

I was blown away! To think I was struggling to find people that were willing to work on my site and now I’ve got people wondering if they are even good enough to work with me!

I decided to setup a training series with detailed instructions, it took me about 2 hours to create and all I had to do was simply send all the interested people the how-to setup. Within a few days I had people submitting music videos and content.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post about my joint venture partnership with Andrew, If you are thinking twice about finding others to work with or to promote your blog, website, or business re-consider the long term benefits!