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Interview with Dan Christopher Frullani of

Today I am presenting another written interview with Dan Christopher Frullani of which is a jewelry shop.

Check out the interview:
1. What got you interested in starting Romanigioielli? Share your story.

We started almost forty years ago with a lot of passion for elegance precious metals and we started making handmade jewels to offer high quality products following the Made in Italy tradition with the idea that our jewels have to represent the best choice for both design and materials.

2. How have you gone about sourcing most of the inventory you have? Do you buy wholesale or work with companies that dropship?

We handpick every single piece that we use for our production always from the best selected sources all over the world.

3. What are a few common things people should look for when shopping for jewelry online?

It is hard to say, because nowadays with a few well photoshopped images anyone can make whatever piece look more attractive than it actually is. However, I am not saying people should ignore the look, which is, of course, one of the most important features of a jewel, but also the choice of materials. But with jewels it works pretty much as with love: if you fall in love it’s a good thing, but still, you should not just use your heart but also your brain to figure out if that’s what you really want and if it’s worth the price, specially online…it takes a lot of research to figure it out unless you are dealing with a good referenced company.

4. How have you gone about marketing your store and what’s working for you?

Well, so far we’ve been in the “physical” market only, the online idea came after realizing the huge importance of new medias that make everything easier from some point of views nowadays. Therefore we are trying to transpose the feelings, the passion and the beauty that already conquered the market in Rome and in Italy. We also try to make people understand that we do not accept compromises: they have to be aware that what they get from us is only handmade and high quality.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Our plans for 2014 and beyond…to make our brand known worldwide, which is totally possible for two reasons: first, because we are sure the international market is easily reachable with the help of the internet or at least is much easier than it was in the past; second, because we believe in what we do and we will transmit to people the passion for what we offer, original handmade precious made with high care, enthusiasm and competence, satisfying classic, modern and original tastes, combined with the natural passion for the Made in Italy.

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