Guest Blogging With Tommy Walker – Ep.11

I actually had the chance to interview Tommy Walker a few weeks ago, I apologize for the delay with interview updates. I just moved into my first home so I’ve been slow to get a couple new interviews I did posted. Tommy actually reached out to me by using The Drafting Technique. In a nutshell this is essentially reaching out to other bloggers. I really liked his non-spam like approach. Here was the exact e-mail he sent me:

Hey John,

When you write your guest posts, roughly how much research do you put in?

Your stuff is pretty standout, and you read Social Triggers, I’m going to imagine it’s quite a bit, right?

I just wrote an article about being a “professional” guest blogger, and I was wondering if I could get your comments on it, perhaps share it with the people who’d find it relevant?

Brian Clark of Copyblogger tweeted it out for me the other day, and I’d love to keep up that momentum. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated 😀

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send it over. If not, that’s cool too. Just didn’t want to blindly send links without permission 🙂

This was awesome in my opinion, it makes it clear he checked out my content and clearly he is getting attention from bigger blogs like Copyblogger. He ended up sending me an epic blog post about guest blogging.

I knew he was not just some ‘spammer’ trying to get me to sign up in some course or system. I followed Tommy’s e-mail list updates for several months and thought he would be a good person to interview. We talked a lot about guest blogging and his general background in marketing online in this interview. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Tommy’s Blog

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