Guest Blogging The Right Way With Ramsay Taplin – Ep. 42

In today’s episode I reached out to Ramsay Taplin who is the owner of

Ramsay has had success selling websites in the past and even made $20,000 after building a blog in 8 months. I actually reached out in July and due to travel Ramsay was not available until this November to do the interview. I’ve been following his mailing list for a while and I’m also a member of his course Subscriber Special Ops.

His course is very focused on guest blogging strategies so this month I decided to use his advice to create an awesome guest blogging resource which I could have published both as a guest post and in the Blueprint Entrepreneur Magazine on iTunes.

The bulk of what can be learned from this interview is published over on Navid Moazzez’s blog as a guest post (Coming Soon).


Check out the interview:

Resources mentioned in this show:

Ramsay’s website

His membership course Subscriber Special Ops (Course is currently closed to new members)

Guest Post I wrote based on Ramsay’s advice for Guest Blogging (Coming Soon)