Learning About Mobile Website Optimization With Greg Hickman – Ep. 25

After listening to The Smart Passive Income Podcast in a matter of a couple months I knew that today’s guest was someone I really wanted to interview myself and get to know. I had listened to this episode on Pat’s show and really enjoyed it so I reached out to Greg Hickman who is the man behind, a site all about mobile cell phone and tablet optimization for websites.

In this episode we discuss a lot of basic questions around the importance of how tablet and cell phone use for browsing sites is increasing every year, I ask Greg various questions about optimization including WordPress themes, and a free plugin called WP Touch available on WordPress that will convert your site to become a mobile optimized site. We also eventually jump into talking about Podcasts and how that has helped Greg’s business.

Greg also primarily uses the Genesis framework for building mobile optimized sites for his clients. My website Voices Of Marketing actually runs on the Genesis framework with a theme called Eleven40 that is mobile optimized out of the box. To see for yourself just browse my site on your cell phone!

Checkout the interview:

I thought I would also include a screenshot from my Google Analytics account just showing how many people have checked out my site using a tablet or mobile device. If your site is not mobile optimized you should certainly consider a design change or checking out the free plugin below in the resources section!

mobile analytics

Resources mentioned in this show:

Greg’s site

WP Touch for WordPress – Free Plugin