Solo Ads & Unsubscribe Instantly With Jayson Benoit Ep.21

Several months ago I was added to multiple Skype groups by a fellow online marketer, these groups are essentially used for people to advertise and swap solo ads.

If you are unfamiliar with what solo ads are, they are basically a method that involves advertising another person’s e-mail list. A lot of the groups were created by specific people and one of them was Jayson Benoit’s solo ad room. Jayson actually reached out to me personally on Skype after seeing me in his group. We had several conversations over Skype about online marketing and Jayson actually helped me out by providing advice and value completely for free.

Jayson has been doing online marketing since the 90’s and is very knowledge able, once I started my show I knew he was someone I wanted to interview. In this interview Jayson talks about solo ads and his new software program Unsubscribe Instantly. This application will search your entire e-mail inbox and allow you to quickly unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters. Most online marketers are typically subscribed to various newsletters. Jayson created this application as a way to bring more attention to his own e-mails by allowing his subscribers to choose to stop receiving so many e-mails in their inbox.


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