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From Freelance Graphic Design To Digital Marketing With Dawn of BakeCreative

Today I’m publishing another written interview with Dawn of I ask her some questions about design and graphics when working with various clients.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in helping other businesses with designing their websites? Share your story.

I won’t lie, I’m a design snob. At the start of my career I was infatuated with the visual elements of a website so I set out to help start ups create a beautiful design when it came to their website. Though that was then. Of course I still have the same aspirations however in light of recent digital marketing developments, conversion and user experience should be key above a stunning UI. So while I started out as a graphic designer, I’ve matured into a user experience consultant & designer.

2. What types of challenges do you face when it comes to lead conversion and creating a compelling design for client websites?

The main challenge is that initially, the client and I will not always see eye to eye. When I’m hired to audit and redesign their website, they have already made the decision to reflect and be open to new ideas. The website is a client’s pride and joy, something they’ve (quite possibly) had since the first year of trading, so making changes and sharing creative direction and strategy may not come naturally to them. It’s not simply a case of telling the client what they need to do and how they need to do it, it’s why they need to do it and how it will benefit them in both the short and long term.

3. What are your thoughts on design vs. content when it comes to building a good website?

Design and content are like Yin & Yang, Salt & Pepper, Fish & Chips, and so on. You can’t really have one without the other, as they both create balance, a bit like good vs evil. A great website makes the first impression but great content attracts staying power. Content has every right to be there as design when it comes to user experience. It’s not just about accessibility and navigation, it’s also about natural, readable and relevant content. Of course, the context is important but so is the format, which adds to the user experience. Final word on it – design and content go hand in hand.

4. In terms of your clients coming back for more work, what types of problems do most site owners seem to struggle with the most? What is in demand today for a company like yours?

90% of the websites we build are on the WordPress platform which is incredibly easy to manage and we ensure the client walks away with a full understanding of how it works and how they can manage it themselves. This means adding the functionality for the client to manage the site without the need for them to edit or write any code. That’s what they hire us for! We provide a guide to managing their website from adding new pages and creating a new gallery to blogging and adding new products. In many cases we create a retainer account for clients who are happy for us to manage their site.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

In 2014 we will be looking to move into new premises so that we can continue to expand our team. We’ll also be looking at expanding our partnership with leading development studios on a global scale. We are currently partners to Zendesk, MailChimp and Pipeline CRM which has got off to a great start so we’ll be looking to work with other studios in the upcoming months. Our training sessions on Social Media, WordPress and MailChimp are just some of the topics we’ll be covering in 2014.