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Interview with Reza Hosseinbor of

Today I am presenting another written interview with Reza Hosseinbor owner of, the Football (Soccer) social site.

4_com1. What got you interested in starting a social site for Football (Soccer)? Share your story.

As someone who had to escape from own country, I appreciate freedom of speech. I was not such a big football fan when I was younger, though my passion for football is now like no other. Expressing views freely is a unique gift. To combine this with such an amazing sport was even better. I was looking for a social network dedicated to football fans, but could not find one. Football is the biggest sport in the world, it just made sense.

2. How have you gone about marketing your site to new members? What’s working for you?

We have a very good marketing plan, however, if the network will grow, it will grow. If the demand is there, which I believe it is, it will go viral. I am also fully aware that if you build something great, it doesn’t mean people will come. Therefore, a clear plan is in place.

3. Do you monetize your site and how have you gone about monetizing it?

Football fans make football what it is today. Therefore, we have no plans to monetize, we want all website space to be focused on making sure users have the best possible experience. Money is not the motivating factor in this project, I wanted to a platform to release my passion, and now all football fans can.

4. Have you found other people trying to create similar websites to yours? How do you stand out from others?

There are no other dedicated football social networks. This is why it is so exciting. There are many social networks, but none that purely focus on football.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

We have acquired the required investment and are now live. Watch this space! We just want to feed the passion of football fans. It is quite a simple objective.