How To Outsource SEO On Fiverr with Brian Couch – Ep.9

In this Interview I had the pleasure of being able to interview Brian Couch. Brian & I connected on Facebook months ago and he actually formed a Facebook group where we talked a lot about using Fiverr as a source to find “gigs” where people sell SEO services for only $5.

Don’t know what Fiverr is? Basically it’s a large market place where people sell services or “gigs” for only $5. You can find just about anything on their, I have had some amazing logos and videos done for my blog and Podcast using Fiverr Gigs.

In this interview Brian talks about how he outsources SEO on Fiverr. Brian has actually found a way to utilize these cheaper $5 SEO sources to bring in tons of traffic for his blog, this eventually will bring him leads and sales for his business opportunities.

Brian also talks about how he uses these similar sources to rank YouTube videos on Google very quickly, awesome stuff!

You can connect with Brian on Facebook here.

We also talk about the Fiverr Facebook group in this interview, follow his post here for more info.