How The Engage Plugin Helps Build Relationships With Eric Binnion – Ep.17

Months ago I was pondering the idea of moving from the autoresponder service Aweber to GetResponse so of course I found myself on Google researching articles and trying to determine if it would be worth making the switch. I came across a long comparison article by Eric Binnion of I ended up subscribing to Eric’s e-mail list and have been following his updates for the past few months.

I ended up reaching out to Eric and asking to interview him, he actually has been working with a team over at to develop a new WordPress plugin called Engage. I happened to apply for the beta and got a chance to try this plugin out for myself.

Basically Engage allows you to closely monitor and engage with fans who comment on your blog or website with a simple WordPress plugin. You can connect the plugin to three the top major autoresponder services, Aweber, MailChip and GetResponse using their provided API’s. As users comment on your blog you can easily reply to their comments right inside the WordPress dashboard, reply to them with an e-mail directly and monitor if they have already subscribed to your e-mail list or not. This is really awesome for blogs that have a thriving audience!

The plugin is currently not released for sale but should be released within a couple of months. In this interview Eric shows a live demo of how it works in its current beta state and what to expect with the plugin.

We also discussed some of our opinions on promotion and MLM marketing in this interview.

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