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Staying Ahead In a Competitive eCommerce Niche with Ray of

Today I present another written interview with Ray of I asked him several questions about his niche and what’s working for him today.

Check out the interview:

1. Of all the types of products you could sell online, why sell pens? How did you get involved in this niche? Share your story.

We actually sell so much more than just promotional pens, although we are known for logo pens. We in fact carry a full line of promotional products for business.  If you need a logo on a product, we do it. We started 15 years ago with just one of our wood pens, and grew from there.

2. What are some tactics that you are using to drive traffic to your site, is organic traffic from Google your biggest source of traffic?

Most our traffic does come from Google, we use PPC, organic and display ad’s around the web.

3. What has your journey been like selling a products in such a competitive industry?

We offer the best customer service experience and our business is built on this premise.  We like to know our customers by name, and treat them right with personal care, professional class imprinting, and best in price.  Yes, the industry is competitive, but our corner is found here.

4. What are some things you feel set your company apart from other companies that offer pen engraving services?

One thing for sure is we have engravers in house.  Many others outsource everything, but we carry stock and are therefore able to do rush jobs that many can not do.

5. What are your future plans in 2014 and beyond for the business?

We are expanding a lot our tech products this year, such as custom printed power banks and ear buds, and USB products. We find these are a great promotional item for companies.