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Standing Out as an Elite Fitness Trainer Online With Bruce of

Today I present another written interview with Bruce of Bruce is an elite online fitness trainer. In this interview I ask him some questions about helping others with their fitness journey online. 

Checkout the Interview:

1. Share your journey for becoming an elite fitness trainer, what got you interested in fitness and helping others achieve their goals? Share your story. 

I became an High Performance Trainer with pure intent to help others achieve their fitness goals.  I’ve acquired an incredible amount of knowledge over the years and I look forward to inspiring others that share the same passion as I do.  I’ve always been interested in fitness for as long as I can remember.  Helping others achieve their fitness goals is an extremely rewarding feeling.  Watching your clients change week by week, become more knowledgeable and more in tune with health and fitness, positive attitude changes along with an unbelievable physique and knowing that I helped them attain that, is an amazing feeling.

2. What are some of the biggest challenges you face when working with clients online vs. working with them in person?

Working with clients online is absolutely more of a challenge then working with a client one on one.  When you have the opportunity to work with a client in person, your ability to demonstrate proper form and technique is easier.  Working with clients online, I feel as if they need to have a touch of a fitness background to at least grasp some of my concepts a little better.

3. Fitness is a very competitive niche, what have you done to stand out as a fitness consultant? 

The fitness industry is definitely extremely competitive.  My style is unique, my knowledge is extensive and my passion, all allow me to stand out.  The proof is evident in my clients and in my business locations.

4. What are some typical results your clients may see after working with you for 90 days?

Not only do my clients’ physiques completely change but they acquire a better self esteem and they gain amazing confidence.  My clients become lean and strong.  A select group evens move on to accomplishing certification and enough knowledge that they have the capability to help others as well.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

With Over 100 MMAXOUT Fitness Locations worldwide, my future plans include traveling and consulting with other gyms and sharing my expertise.  

Bruce (the Fit) Boss

High Performance Trainer