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Meet Florence of

Today I present another written interview with Florence of I ask her various questions about how she got started with her online eCommerce based store.

1. What got you interested in selling designer clothes online? Share your story.

I love how people dress and look good, l began to have interest in what what people wear and started leaning to combine clothing and learning how to make it look good on me.

2. What has been successfully bringing you the most business online? Are you using Social Media, SEO or paid advertising for your business?

I started selling from my car and hospitals and offices then started selling online, from the internet we started growing and we buying in wholesale to other African countries.

3. What are some if the biggest challenges you face as an online shop?

None really at the moment

4. Would you share some tips for people who may be starting there own online shop for the first time? What are some helpful tips you could share.

We offer our products at wholesale, we help people to start there own business with less capital for getting started themselves.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

To hire more employees for danflowfashion and also working on people to model our products to fans