The LoveHatePlugin with Jimmy Mancini – Ep.5

This past weekend I had the chance to interview Jimmy Mancini who is going to be launching a new viral sharing WordPress plugin LoveHatePlugin (affiliate link) that encourages an “emotional” response when it comes to sharing posts through social media. The plugin is live on my blog, it’s the pop in share window at the bottom right side of the blog. I really like how it shares directly to a person’s Facebook wall as opposed to how a Facebook “Like” won’t do this. Jimmy & I talk about this in the interview.


Jimmy also talked about his YouTube External Link WSO (affiliate link) that allows you to embed annotations directly into your YouTube videos and allow them to link out to external sites! I’ve always thought YouTube only allowed you to embed annotations to other YouTube videos but this WSO actually shows you step by step how to link to any site you want! Awesome!

We also talked about a book called The Fastlane Millionare, I also heard about this book on Pat Flynn’s Podcast Episode #18 with MJ Demarco.

You can check it out on Amazon below: