John Shea Interviews Ben Davis – Ep.3

Today I got the chance to do an Interview with Ben Davis. I originally found Ben on a website called we eventually connected on Facebook and I began following a blog he ran called Ben Davis Works, Ben eventually ended up moving away from that site due to hosting issues and has recently been promoting his site

Ben also runs the blog

In this interview we talked a lot about how Ben got started in online marketing and what he does today to promote his content. One of the biggest things I’ve found intriguing about Ben was he is practically the “King” of controversy when it comes to his content and how outspoken he is about the marketing world. He has managed to create so much buzz he actually managed to get the CEO of Empower Network, David Wood to call him on the phone!

We also talked about some of Ben’s viral social media strategies he uses, you can check out his Anti-SEO post here. I also talked about Empire Avenue, you can read about that here.