Discussing SEO, Software & Blogging With Borja Obeso – Ep. 34

In today’s episode I interviewed Borja Obeso who runs the blog, I originally found Borja commenting over on Social Triggers and thought I’d reach out. We mostly talked about his story and general blogging topics like SEO, Software, Borja’s new course he is working on and a lot of general internet marketing topics.

Borja blogs a lot about entrepreneurship and making money blogging. This was almost more of a casual chat than an interview but I tried to keep things interesting as we jumped from one topic to another.

Borja posts a lot of awesome list posts like:

The Top 40 Earning Websites

25 Successful Entrepreneurs Under 25 Years Of Age

He mentions in the interview he writes 1000+ word blog posts nearly on a daily basis which in my opinion is not an easy thing to do! Make sure to checkout his blog for more awesome posts.

Checkout the interview:

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