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Interview with Aurelius Tjin of

Today I am presenting another written interview with Aurelius Tjin from Sydney, Australia.aureliustjin

Aurelius has been an online entrepreneur since 2005 and has created over 100 products and written dozens of blog posts to help entrepreneurs alike to get more results in their online business.

Check out the interview:

  1. What got you introduced to world of online marketing? Share your story.

I started on eBay selling unwanted goods, just as a lot of us do. I realized that this was something I enjoyed doing. I dabbled around other things like network marketing, but just wasn’t for me.

I then found out about “resell rights” where I was able to resell a product for profit. I also went into affiliate marketing.

My business didn’t really take off until I started building a list of subscribers.

  1. Being a fan of passive income, what are some of your favorite income methods that are working for you today online?

My number one asset would be my list of subscribers. When everything goes down, you’ll always have your list. Take this as an example – You could have a site ranking on the first page one day and then Google decides to change their algorithms and overnight your site will disappear. Not a good strategy in my opinion. Whereas if you had built a list of subscribers, you could email and follow-up on them any time.

Whenever I have a new blog post or product out, I always make my email list my first point of contact. I then reach out to social platforms like Facebook and Google+.

  1. Of all the courses, products and content you have produced, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

Definitely my blog at It’s my hub where I’m free to share my thoughts, ideas, stories, news and a place to connect with my audience.

Products are great to have, but nowadays you need to build that trust first before they even consider buying your product.

  1. How have you gone about marketing your blog and products? What’s working for you?

Definitely through my email list. Apart from that, I invest a lot into Facebook Ads to advertise my posts. Since Facebook introduced Ads, only 10-15% of your posts will ever be seen by your fans, so advertising your posts is a must nowadays. Those who actually advertise will have the upper-hand.

I also regularly visit and contribute to forums related to Internet marketing, predominantly the Warrior Forum.

  1. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I’m at a point where I’m building a team to help grow my business. I’d like to reach a point where I have an office based in the Philippines for my future team to work at and get some creative juices flowing.

I’ll be continuing with blogging as I believe heavily in sharing content. My mission is to share and help as much as possible in this industry, and that’s what I’ll stand by for years to come.


Creating An Engaging Blog With Reginald Chan – Ep. 27

A couple months ago I was doing some research on auto-responder services such as Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse when I came across a new blog created by Reginald Chan. Reginald actually uses his own name for his blog over at

I signed up on his e-mail list and started reading his posts and noticing that even within a short time frame of 2 months he was able to create a very engaging blog with a lot of active comments and resourceful content. I was impressed so I decided to reach out and ask him to do an interview. We touched on a lot of topics related to blogging and SEO as well as his story and how he got started blogging online. I tried to keep the topics interesting and new.

Reginald actually lives in Malaysia so our connection on this interview was not the best quality so he did cut in and out quite a bit. I apologize in advance as this one might be a tough listen but there was still a lot of value shared. I was glad Reginald took the time to join me for the interview. It took us nearly 30 minutes just to get his microphone working properly!

Checkout the interview:

Checkout Reginald’s blog over at