How Benji Walklet Profits Online Reviewing Coffee Makers Ep.18

In this interview with Benji Walklet we talk about how Benji has had success creating a review / niche site for coffee makers. I originally found Benji by reading his success story on niche pursuits.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately in regards to SEO and Niche sites but in this interview I really asked Benji some specific questions about monetizing with both Adsense and Amazon. I also asked many other common questions I feel people would like to know when it comes to building out a niche site. Benji does a screen share to talk about how he has built his site, some of the WordPress plugins he used and what types of content he provides to people who are looking for reviews on coffee makers.

I really enjoyed this interview and am excited to see what kind of progress Benji can make with his next project.

Resources Shared in this Episode:

Benji’s blog –

Benji’s Niche Site –

Easy Responsive Adsense Plugin (affiliate)

WordPress Table Plugin (affiliate)

Marketers Delight Thesis Skin