Arbitrage Underdog With Tom E. – Ep. 37

I’m really excited about today’s interview. Back in December I purchased a very interesting WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer) called Loophole Cashcow (now closed) by a fellow named Tom E.

His product was different from a lot of other products I’ve seen over on the Warrior Forum and I’ve been following Tom’s e-mail list ever since. A couple months ago he released a new product called Arbitrage Underdog. Arbitrage is basically a form of buying low and selling high. Tom’s software allows you to do just that with two of the most popular sites today, Craigslist and Fiverr.

A lot of companies go to Craigslist looking for logo design or even help with say WordPress website design. Over on Fiverr you can actually buy just about anything you can imagine from Graphics to SEO gigs all for $5. This tool will help you quickly search both platforms VERY fast. The big advantage is using the Craigslist portion of the tool is I could search all of Massachusetts for say “Subaru WRX” and it would search even the job listings for that search term.

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How I made $640 with Arbitrage Underdog with 2-3 hours of work

After purchasing Tom’s tool I decided to go ahead and start looking around Craigslist for the search term ‘WordPress’. I have been building and using WordPress sites now for over 3 years so I have experience building websites. I happen to had been recently been recently browsing a site called which is basically an auction style website for people selling websites. I happen to find a Craigslist post in the Austin, Texas area for someone who needed help selling their niche website.

The person responded to my Ad and we communicated through e-mail about how I could help him, I figured since I had a knowledge of using services like Flippa maybe I could help him with his project.

Come to find out he had purchased this site months back for his local business – Installing Wooden Fences. The domain was an exact match domain and ranking for at least one keyword that was fairly low search volume. Despite this it was still getting quote requests for work. The best part about the site was that it does have some age and authority. The owner mentioned receiving 1 quote per day and the reason he was selling was he didn’t want to sub-contract any work and could not handle the volume with his own crew.

I simply created a list of all of the local Wooden Fence Companies in Austin based on searching for similar keywords. I ended up with a list of about 12 phone numbers and spent 1 hour on my lunch break at work calling people and talking with the owners about this site. On about my 8th call I had someone ready and willing to put down a deposit. The buyer agreed to our asking price of $8000 and I was given 8% of the sale price which equals $640!

So I basically spent 2-3 hours of my time to help someone sell their website. The point here is that I most likely would have never found this side gig if It was not for using the incredible search functionality of Tom’s tool Arbitrage Underdog. I recommend this 100% for even just the Craigslist features alone!

Here are two demo videos where you can see the tool in action:

Part 1

Part 2

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Interested in purchasing Arbitrage Underdog?

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