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Interview with Matt Angerer of VerticalRent

Today I am presenting another written interview with Matt Angerer of VerticalRent. matt

Check out the interview:

  1. How did you come up with the concept of VerticalRent ( Share your story.

VerticalRent was originally meant to be a simple piece of property management software for my parents. They own a small portfolio of rental properties. I wanted to create something they could use to collect rent electronically. The concept started in May 2011 and it just continued to grow. Before long, we were partners with Experian, Microsoft, and other folks who helped us accelerate the growth of the product. Now it’s in all 50 states with over 5,000 landlords using it today.

  1. What are the biggest advantages to using your software to help landlords?

Landlords love the simplicity of our software to help them screen applicants. We provide the web’s most comprehensive tenant screening platform available. Our prices aren’t the cheapest, but people tend to get what they pay for in this industry.

  1. Where are most of your customers?

We have alot of customers in Texas, California, Colorado, and Florida — but we have customers in all 50 States. People find us on Google or Bing and sign-up every day. We get about 50 new customers every day that find us somehow, whether through word of mouth or a Google search.

  1. How have you gone about marketing your software?

Word of mouth marketing has been the driving force for us. One landlord likes our product and tells another. Plus Google is huge to getting our name out there. People search for tenant screening services and stumble on VerticalRent.

  1. What are your future plans for AppSingular ( and VerticalRent?

We have big plans for both products. Keep a close eye on the Tenant Screening Plus Blog at for announcements.