Written Interviews

Interview with Lady Leads on Dropshipping with Amazon & eBay

Today I am presenting another written interview with Lady Leads who has been successfully making money dropshipping between Amazon and eBay following the DS Domination program online.

1. What got you interested in dropshipping products using eBay and Amazon?

I reached out to a person on LinkedIn after reading “Making Money Copying & Pasting on eBay/Amazon” and that’s what caught my eye to learn more about drop shipping successfully.

2. What are some of the biggest risks you face when following this model? Do you worry about inventory issues when following this method?

There is really no risk once I learned the steps, it works once I stopped over thinking it more to it than what I was taught. I quickly learned to just follow the proven simple steps. No, I don’t worry about inventory because I don’t need inventory stored in my home or car. That’s the beauty of this entire concept!

3. What are some tips you can provide for finding hot selling items to dropship between platforms?

Best tip is follow the simple steps provided in the training by the Pros who have already paved the success path. Use your common sense and sell what’s in season also.

4. Tell us a bit about DS Domination and why you promote this platform?

Since Ebay has built a brand recognition already DS Domination shows people literally step-by-step how to make a simple living off eBay starting with less than $20 per month. I’m promoting DS Domination because it’s the most affordable way to start an online business without buying a supplies or leaving my home. Plus, it’s the most gratifying & realistic way to help family and friends in any state or country who needs to earn extra cash. I become an affiliate for under $10 per month within minutes of learning how simple it was to dropship successfully and not only did I share it with my family here in the USA but also England.

5. How have you gone about recruiting others for DS Domination?

I’ve promoted DS Domination on after I proved it worked for myself first. That’s the most important person to me because I have to deal with my own wins or failures.

Since DS Domination set me up to win within 30 days I did a YouTube video and shared it with my family and friends first because seeing is believing! My family and friends spend more time with me since I’m now able to cut back on working almost 7 days a week, which I have done for nearly 2 years.

I was able to put a down payment on a truck 3 months after starting with DS Domination. Plus, I invested in two car magnets and people stop me all the time now to take a picture of the sign. One lady followed me on the highway just so her daughter could take a picture on the passenger side as she drove to keep up with traffic! I always tell people become a pro and affiliate at the same time, it’s only $30 per month. This will set you up to make money for yourself while sharing it with others. Pay it forward and stop being the ATM! People get what I mean and it works great!