Advantages To Building An E-mail List

Advantages To Building An E-mail List

I personally am still very new to marketing and online blogging, the more and more leaders I follow the more I have learned the importance of building an e-mail list. I thought I’d write a brief post on this subject for those of you who run your own blog or website and are not currently building an e-mail list.

I wanted to use this site as a way to provide readers useful and resourceful information about SEO, list building, social media and any other tips or tricks I’ve learned myself. My e-mail list will be a means for me to share useful information as well as discuss some products or software I personally have had success with. My biggest pet peeve is when people message me via e-mail or social media trying to ‘sell’ me something. I noticed the most successful marketers make recommendations and ‘share’ what works for them, best of all a lot of these leaders share plenty of information for FREE!

There is a great resource for building your email list here you should also check out.

My main purpose for building an e-mail list will be to do just that, provide something useful that my readers will enjoy reading or provide something to them that they can apply to their own business. There are plenty of reasons why this is very important. I recently watched a video by Derek Halpern that talks about list building, he wrote a post you can find here about this. Checkout the video while you are there.

I have not acquired it yet but I have heard amazing things about Aweber, I plan on signing up once I have built a more solid list myself.

Get on their list!

These are the following leaders that I have signed up for their ‘list’ on their blogs, I enjoy reading the e-mails they send out and find the information they provide on their blogs to actually be very useful. I will be editing this list later but for now this is just a small list to get you started.

Rob Fore

Ana Hoffman

Derek Halpern

Todd Warren

I setup a primary directory in my Outlook that I filter into separate folders for each person’s name, this allows me to go back and review each e-mail as time allows.

As I said, building an e-mail list is very new to me but it’s something I wanted to remind those who may not be thinking about this at all! I plan to post more useful content and share new information with my subscribers. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just fill in the form on the top right of this blog and look forward to more updates from me!