Social Media And Content Marketing With Erik Deckers – Ep. 39

In today’s episode I interviewed Erik Deckers. Erik is the author of multiple books covering topics like social media and content marketing.

You can checkout some of his books:

No Bullshit Social Media

The Owned Media Doctrine

Erik actually reached out to me after finding me over on iTunes, this was an eye opener for me because months ago I was e-mailing every guest and now I’m starting to have people find me and ask to be on the show!

In this episode we talked about various topics including Social Media, Content Marketing, Google Authorship for SEO and Markup for SEO.

Authorship is basically when search results show a picture next to the site, it makes a big difference in how blog posts stand out to others on the search engines.

Here is an example:

Schema Markup is an advanced way to display criteria that could be useful for people searching for content on Google. Let’s say someone looks up an item that is on an eCommerce based store, the search result might show a 1-5 star rating and the current price of the item right in the search results.

Here is an example from eBay:

We also discussed a few newer social media sites that Erik has been using here and there.


Path and

Here is the interview:

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Erik’s website for Blogging, Social Media and Content Marketing Services –

Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business Book

Google Hangouts with Ronnie Bincer


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