Devon Dudeman Talks about SEO and Online Marketing – Ep. 23

I originally interviewed Devon back months ago but we actually had an issue with the recording and I lost the interview. I made sure to reach back out to Devon and see if he was still interested in doing an interview for my show. In this episode we talked about various topics including SEO, affiliate marketing and Devon shared a lot of his current opinions on people that are doing online marketing today.

I originally found Devon on the Warrior Forum and he has his own product he calls Cash Money Goldmine he briefly talks about during this episode, we also talked a lot about his close friend Jaime Lewis who is a very successful online marketer.

**Quick Note: Devon does swear a lot in this interview and I do not edit my videos, I just wanted this to be known for my listeners.

Checkout the interview:

Resources from this show:

Devon’s Blog

Devon’s Cash Money Goldmine (affiliate)

IM With Jamie (Jamie Lewis Course – Affiliate)

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

4 replies on “Devon Dudeman Talks about SEO and Online Marketing – Ep. 23”

Nice! Thanks for having me on, John! Let me know when you’d like to do a part 2. For everyone else, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and I’ll answer them for you.

I apologize for the fillers…geez I say “umm…umm” a lot. My old marketing professor would be very disappointed in me if he saw me use fillers like that. LOL

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