Niche Sites with Matthew Allen – Ep.8

While searching for keyword research tools such as Long Tail Pro on Google I came across a blog called run by a fellow named Matthew Allen. I really enjoyed his content and liked that he was generating passive income with niche sites. I reached out to interview Matt and he has actually been helping me quite a bit recently. Matt actually works a full time job and has a family but still wakes up early in the morning to get more done online with his marketing efforts.

Matt didn’t have a camera so this is actually an audio only interview. We did end up sort of jumping around between topics but I think we covered a lot and it was a great interview!

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Thank you John for my very first interview opportunity! It was fun. I imagine that someday when I have far more success than I already have that many more people will want to interview me. (My optimism shining through) You’ll always be able to say that you had the first interview.

We did jump around quite a bit, which is probably my fault. I just had so much to say. Regardless, we did cover a lot and I had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks again!

Hey Adam, I am hoping to have it up on my Podcast soon but since my Podcast is so new I hit a bandwidth limit on my monthly capacity. I will upload an mp3 version that can be downloaded from drop box tonight. It was a good interview 🙂

not as of yet… i have been juggling quite a bit between the site, the podcast, and my other web business. I do have plans for a mailing list… just haven’t gotten there yet. Thanks for the download, will listen today.

This was a great interview because I can relate to Matthew as I am also a “regular guy”. A lot of interviews you hear are from people with advanced college degrees or impressive career backgrounds and it is hard for many to relate. Matthew seems to be doing pretty well in 2014, all of that hard work is starting to pay off for him. This interview really motivated me to work harder so in a year I can start seeing some results from my efforts.

Thanks Neil. Yeah Matt & I actually talk quite often even though we did this interview nearly a year ago. He has started to make a ton of progress with his site offering keyword research packages. I’ve actually purchased 2 from him!

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