Learn How Tom Ewer Leaves Work Behind With Freelance Writing Ep.22

I’ve always been a fan of Facebook and until a year ago I started to become more active as a normal Twitter user. I ended up purchasing a program not long after called Tweetadder that allowed me to almost entirely automate my social following on Twitter. I happen to notice despite seeing many junk messages and spammers there are many legitimate bloggers and entrepreneurs who have followed me on Twitter. This is how I found Tom Ewer’s blog

I was pretty captivated by Tom’s blog title and his content, Tom basically quit his full time 9-5 job after managing to profit from Freelance writing gigs. He posts his monthly income reports showing that a major source of his income is from freelance writing. I was pretty impressed so to say the least I reached out to Tom to share his story, we talked about freelance writing, guest blogging, SEO and even discussed Tweetadder towards the end of the episode.

Checkout the interview:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tom’s Blog –

Freelance Writing: How To Find Your First Job

Tom’s Freelance writing guide

Tweetadder (affiliate link)



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