How To Build A Successful Niche Site With Perrin Carrel – Ep. 68

I’m happy to share this very informative interview with all of you today. I interviewed Perrin Carrel who is the owner of an Amazon niche site called A Penny Shaved

Perrin also works closely with Spencer Haws over at the Niche Pursuits blog.

In this episode Perrin talks a lot about how he was able to build out his site, what he has learned through out the past year and what’s working today for link building. A lot of insight on the build of his public niche site can be found on the niche pursuits blog.

Perrin mentions that he hires specific Freelance writers to give his niche sites one unique personality so the articles flow well on each site. He also has used sources such as Grad Savers for his article writing.

In terms of link building Perrin talks a lot about the power of using Private Blog Networks and how this has really helped him rank his niche sites among the top 10 results on Google for a lot of high traffic keywords. From there creating in-depth content allows him to start picking up traffic on secondary long tail traffic.

I’m personally a co-founder of the Lightning Rank Private Blog Network and I’ve already seen some amazing results for our clients so I know that these link building methods work.

Check out the interview:


By John-Shea

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