Learning About Hosting An Interview Show With Andrew Warner of Mixergy – Ep. 24

In today’s interview I interview the one and only Andrew Warner who is the host of I was really glad Andrew took the time out of his busy schedule to come on the show and spend nearly an hour answering my questions. Andrew is a big inspiration for my own show and has been very helpful answering my e-mails and communicating with me.

I actually got to be in a test group for Andrew’s new course that aims to tackle counter mind thoughts, it’s been very interesting and different from any other course I’ve gone through online. I am excited to see what he comes up with in the future.

In this interview Andrew shares his story of how he began Mixergy, we also talk a lot about what it’s like hosting an interview show, monetization tactics including membership sites, sponsorship and affiliate marketing. We also briefly talk about Andrew’s counter mind course, mastermind groups and other misc. topics.

Andrew has interviewed over 900 entrepreneurs and has a very comprehensive library of courses that can be viewed through his membership site on

Checkout the interview:


Resources mentioned on this show:

Andrew’s interview show

Andrew’s membership for

By John-Shea

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4 replies on “Learning About Hosting An Interview Show With Andrew Warner of Mixergy – Ep. 24”

Listened to this episode on blubrry. Great show! It just ended though, no call to action. I will listen to past episodes now to catch up.


Great job! Andrew is such a pro, and you mixed nicely in there with him. He provided some awesome insight that should be a help to bloggers and podcasters of all levels.

I would love to see you come over in my private Facebook group for podcasters. I think you can provide some good insight and receive some as well. There are some heavy hitters involved in the early stages of the game, and it’s growing daily. We try to make listening to, rating and reviewing other shows a priority.

If you are interested, check me out over at my blog , you can link up with me on FB from there.

Keep up the hard work… Together we can rise above the noise!

Cheers- Rick

Thanks Rick. Checked out your blog, lots of familiar faces over there! I accepted your friend request on Facebook, just shoot me a message. I am definitely interested in joining the group!

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