Learning About Hangouts On Air With Ronnie Bincer – Voices Of Marketing Ep.20

While searching online for help setting up my Google+ pages I came across an in depth tutorial written by Ronnie Bincer. I ended up checking out Ronnie’s content and found he actually coaches others on how to use Google+ and Google Hangouts on Air properly. I thought he would be good to have on the show because I happen to use Hangouts on Air for all of my interviews due to the convenience of direct uploading to YouTube compared to Skype.

In this interview Ronnie discusses some of the features and benefits of using both the HoA platform and Google+ communities and pages for SEO and connecting with others online. We also talk a lot about the people you surround yourself and how that affects what types of platforms you use. I’ve always been a big fan of Facebook and have not really fully dived into learning how to properly use Google+. Ronnie has over 50,000 people in his Google+ circles and is very knowledge on Google+ platforms in general.

Ronnie also offers a membership course & coaching for those that may be interested in learning about how to use Hangouts on Air or how to properly utilize Google+ pages, he also has an extensive knowledge of Video SEO.

Checkout the interview:


Resources Discussed In This Episode:

Ronnie Bincer on Google Plus:

Ronnie’s Website:

Landing page for Ronnie’s Hangout Mastery Membership site:

Direct access to the Hangout Mastery Membership site:

Ronnie’s Hangout Helpers Google+ Public Community:

Plus Your Business Google+ Community:


Connect with the owner on Google+ +John Shea

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