Confidence In Business With Terry Pappy – Ep. 26

There are a series of blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis, while reading one of the latest posts over on I decided to browse through the comments and happen to come across the CEO of a website called

In today’s episode I interview Terry Pappy who is an author, speaker, writer, designer and marketing consultant. I had actually spoken with Terry for near an hour a couple months ago before we decided to do the actual interview, she has been helpful for my business and hopefully those of you listening to today’s episode can get some great value out of this interview.

We discuss Terry’s story, her website Better3 that focuses on 3 relationship driven concepts – Understanding, Communication, and Relationships. We also talk a lot about confidence in business, the importance of being yourself and a unique story that keeps Terry’s distant family close and communicating on a regular basis.

Checkout the interview:

Resources from this episode:

Terry’s site

Learn more about Terry

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