Building Niche Sites & Podcasting With Ryan McLean – Ep.16

I happen to frequently read Spencer Haws niche blog over at

Spencer has been featuring various success stories over on his blog, I actually ended up Interviewing Jon Haver and we talked a lot about Expired Domains. Shortly after Jon had his success story featured on niche pursuits. I figured why not reach out to some of the people having success with niche sites and interview them for my show.

Ryan happens to live in Australia so I actually interviewed him at 7am my time and 10pm his time! In this interview we talked about Ryan’s story and how he got started online as well as the types of methods he is using with content to drive traffic to his sites and what’s working for him. We also talked about Podcasting as well and how he has been using this with one of his niche sites. This was a great interview and I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan’s progress throughout the next several months!

Here is the interview:

Links mentioned in this episode:

Ryan’s main blog –

Ryan’s niche site –

Ryan’s success story on Niche Pursuits

Long Tail Pro (affiliate link)

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