The Benefits Of Podcasting With Meron Bareket – Ep. 32

In this episode with Meron Bareket we talk about a lot about the benefits of podcasting and how Meron was able to start a podcast only mere months ago and build a large audience. Meron is the host of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast and also has digital magazine on iTunes with the same name.

Just like I mention in my last episode with Navid Moazzez, it seems a lot of people who start interview shows all are inspired by Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income blog. I originally reached out to Meron because I was curious about how he was reaching out to big name people like Pat, he shared a lot of tips with me over Facebook and ever since I’ve been on his mailing list and have followed his progress with his show.

During this interview we talk a lot about Meron’s new free podcasting tutorial that covers all of the basics, his free course even covers setting up a domain and WordPress. When I originally started my show I was using Pat’s Podcasting Tutorial guide. Meron & I talked about how this was useful but really skipped over a lot of the basics for people that may not be familiar with setting up a WordPress blog.

Checkout the interview:

Resources mentioned in this show:

Meron’s blog

Meron’s Free Podcast Tutorial (coming soon)

Inspiring Innovation Podcast on iTunes

Inspiring Innovation Magazine on iTunes


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