Video Animation & Article Writing with John Coutts – Ep.15

Today I had the opportunity to interview John Coutts. John has been an article writer for over 15 years and talks about his story to how he started to become really profitable from writing content for others. These days a lot of people will write articles for as little as $5, John says that if you know where to look and how to present yourself it’s very possible to make a lot more. He shares a story about how he stayed up all night writing multiple articles for a client at $25 an article bringing in $250 plus a $50 bonus just for delivering his work so quickly.

John also briefly discusses how he recently got into Scribed video animation and has started to get paid just for creating simple videos with the service over at

Check out the interview:

Resources mentioned in this interview:

John’s Article Writing Product ‘$40 an article today?’ (affiliate link)

Sparkol – Video Scribing

John’s Blogs:


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