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I recommend using Tweet Adder as a primary source for traffic since it is targeted traffic.

If you are unable to afford Tweet Adder here is a very simple and free way to generate traffic to your website. There are a ton of websites that allow you to browse websites manually and earn points, you can use these points to add your own website for others to view. The more websites you browse, the more you earn and the more traffic you get.

If you tried this on one website, it would be very slow. Most of these sites have an automatic browser where they include a top pane with a count down timer, some are only 6-7 seconds and others can be up to 20 seconds each. The trick is to sign up for several of these sites and open them all in one browser under separate tabs.

On average, if I have about 7-8 sites open at once I can click through and answer the questions they ask (This could be a word, a simple math problem, a matching icon, a colored icon etc.) By the time I am back to the first site the count down will be done.

This is a very slow and boring method to drive traffic but it is free and can get you a lot of visitors without much work, it may take some time to sign up for all of these but it is very simple to use this method once you are all setup.

Additional traffic to your website on a consistent basis means you have better chances of ranking keywords for SEO purposes on Google.

Here is a list of the manual free Traffic Exchange sites I use

LinkCollider (This is my favorite of them all)




High Hits

Traffic Era

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