Empower Network Review – Make Money Blogging

My No Bull$#!& Empower Network Review – Make Money Blogging

*IMPORTANT* Please Note I Am No Longer In Empower Network and now spend 100% of my time focusing on my interview show here at Voices Of Marketing. If you want to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs online please subscribe to my podcast on iTunes. I have also replaced all of my EN affiliate links in this article with a reputable traffic source you can use to PROMOTE Empower Network for those that do decide to join.

Looking for an honest Empower Network Review?

You have come to the right page, I am going to completely give my honest opinion on this program after being involved with Empower Network for several months.

So what is Empower Network exactly?

Before I explain what Empower Network is, I want to share with you one of the most common business models today.

In the recent decade most multi-level marketing (MLM) companies offer a product, a person can sign up with the company and become an affiliate to sell products to friends, family or strangers. Usually most companies offer a commission for each product sold. Many of these companies also offer a monthly “auto-ship” product that will keep you active as an affiliate.

Here is an example:

Let’s say I join up as an affiliate of a Fitness company that uses this same system. I might opt in to buy a continuity product like a health shake for a set price every month, let’s just say it’s $100 a month. If I sell this shake to others I might make a 25% commission, if I convince my friends, family or strangers to sign up as an affiliate with me I will make a percentage of their sales and their affiliates sales.

Most people assume these are “pyramid schemes”. Let me give a quick break down of why this is not the case. John (me) gets Joe to sign up and I only sign up Joe but yet Joe signs up Sally, Bob and Peter. Joe will be making a lot more in commissions then me, make sense? This is because Joe would not only have his own sales, but he would be making commissions from affiliate sales made by Sally, Bob and Peter where I would only be making commissions from Joe.

The problem with these systems is they heavily rely on recruiting other people through prospecting and selling products. Don’t you just hate those people in the mall at those kiosks? As you walk through they are chasing you down trying to sell you something!

Why Is this system different? Read Further In My Empower Network Review

David Wood, the CEO of Empower Network came up with a genius idea. Would if you could just blog to make money online? Would if you could make 100% commissions instead of a measly 25%?

Here is what happens in a typical MLM:

  • You trying to come up with a sneaky ways to bring your friends & family to a hotel meeting getting them in front of  sales pitch.
  • Talking to your family over the holidays getting weird looks and being frowned upon because your trying to convince them to join you in this new amazing opportunity.
  • Calling up someone from high school you have not talked to in 10 years then talking to them like you were speaking with them last week, eventually hoping to lead the conversation into your new business opportunity.

This is how I’ve felt for the last 2 years in my current opportunity, I’ve even been dragged to a meeting myself not even knowing what I was going to be presented with! It was terrible!

So 4 months ago someone in the MLM company I have been involved in for 2 years posted a link on his Facebook wall, I read a captivating post about how he uses Hootsuite to market to 7000 Twitter followers, he posted a link to enter your e-mail address to learn how he got those 7000 twitter followers.

So here I am thinking, well I want 7000 Twitter followers! Of course I will enter my e-mail to find out how he did that! So if you click the link above, you will see the same thing I saw.

Here it is again.

So 3 weird marketing tricks eh? Sure I’ll check it out.

I entered my e-mail and watched the 45 minute presentation that followed, wow I was so captivated. I was literally so excited about what I just watched I was ready to hit “buy” and I didn’t exactly know what I was even buying! That is how powerful that video is!

How I Got Started With Empower Network

I contacted Todd on Facebook after reading his blog post, we had a short 15 minute conversation about this new viral blogging system. Todd told me he literally wants to buy his wife her own house, he wants to live financially free and not ever need to worry about his finances. He asked me, on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad do you want to have that for yourself? How bad do you want to be financially free?

At the time I didn’t think much of it and said 7, but the reality is I have dreams and goals I could say that at this moment in my life my answer now would be a 10. I think an additional income would make my life a lot easier, what about you?

The Break Down:

Empower Network is simply a WordPress based blog you can blog with or write about anything and everything you want. The blogs layout comes with a specifically designed theme that uses heavy call to action advertising. When a viewer clicks on one of these ads they are taken to the same link I mentioned earlier, a capture page.

Here it is again for an example.

See an example of the blog here. This is my Empower Network blog.

How Do You Make Money? How Does This Work? Read More In My Empower Network Review

Each time a user signs up for the basic blog you can make an affiliate commission of $25.

This $25 gets you the following:

  • Your Own Empower Network blog page on an aged domain (2002)
  • Lead capture pages used to capture e-mail addresses for visitors
  • Integration with Aweber and other popular e-mail marketing systems
  • Integration with Hypertracker for tracking clicks
  • Ability to Blog on a High Ranked Alexa Domain (In the top  500 websites in the world)
  • 8 Fast Start Training Videos to help you get started with your business

That is what $25 will buy you. You can also upgrade and purchase training that can help you with all aspects of marketing online.

$100 Inner Circle Monthly Membership

The Inner Circle contains audio content from some very successful online marketers. This content will help you take your Empower blogging to the next level. I personally have not purchased the Inner circle myself and once I do I will revise this post with my thoughts.

$500 Costa Rica Intensive

David Wood held a special training seminar with some of the top marketing experts in the world, this series goes further into detail on how you can boost your business and learn more ways to create traffic, get leads and sales in the Empower Network system. I also have not purchased this program and do plan to purchase this in the future.

$1000 15k per Month Formula

At the time, this was the best training offered in Empower Network. A series of videos that will help you make $15,000 per month using Empower Network. I let this one sit in my mind for a few weeks after signing up with the basic $25 membership. I wanted to get the best information available so I made a decision and bought this training. This is a series of webinars ranging from 2-3 hours each totaling over 24 hours of content with marketing strategies! Priceless!

Now as of the past 2 months, David Wood decided to re-create the entire 15k formula from scratch. The new content is up to date and relevant to current marketing methods, some of the content is simply amazing and will help you build just about any online business!

$3500 Costa Rica Masters Course

This is a course David Wood recently released that was part of a private retreat several top online marketing leaders created. I have yet to purchase this course but am considering it down the road.

$20 Affiliate Membership

To make affiliate commissions you will also need to sign up for an Ewallet account, this is a monthly cost of $20. So to make this real simple, to be a basic member and make commissions you will pay $20 + $25 = $45/month as a basic member.

Now any time someone you refer to Empower Network signs up you will earn an affiliate commission equal to the program cost. So If I recruit Joe and he buys the basic membership and the 15k formula. I will earn $25 and $1000, since I have not purchased the Inner Circle membership this would actually turn into a “pass up” and go to Todd, my sponsor. Basically you can only “sell what you own” make sense?

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

My fellow Empower Network affiliate Rob Fore did a really good job explaining this in his review so I am going to quote him. I don’t want to make this too confusing for those of you reading this.

When you promote EN and people join… you earn 100% commissions on all the referrals you bring in for the products you have invested in.

However, you PASS UP commissions earned for your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale you make. These monies are PASSED UP to the person who referred you into the program.

Meaning… if you were to make 10 sales at the $25 level… YOU would earn $25 per month on the 1st sale, 3rd, 5th and on sales 7-10. Meaning you would pocket $175 per month and your sponsor will earn $75 per month from your efforts.

So you are GIVING AWAY good money, right? But don’t be too depressed because watch what happens with the 7 people you are getting paid for!

Let’s they each makes 10 sales and each of your seven guys or gals are now making $175 per month. They’re happy and all is good.

YOU GET 7 x 3 x $25 per month – $575 per month.

See how that works? Now if you really don’t want top sleep tonight – click here to take a closer look at the Empower Network compensation plan straight from the mouth of David Wood, the founder.

So you might be asking…

What have your results been like? What do you think of the program?

In the last 4 months I have gotten 1 sign up and I did this by building a relationship with someone over a Facebook conversation. Using all free marketing methods I have learned I have generated about 50 leads in my system that I setup. I must admit I have not yet setup Aweber and this is a critical part to getting results. This system allows to me to e-mail multiple recipients at once about anything I want, the idea would be to provide value in my e-mails, build relationships with my leads and get more sign ups in Empower Network.

I slacked a bit with my daily efforts for a couple months but recently decided to put in a more consistent daily effort into this system and see what I can really do with it.

The training is top notch and quite honestly overwhelming because there is so much to learn! Not a bad thing!

I really like everything that I am learning since I got involved with online marketing, there is so much training out there and so many things to learn about.

  • I am learning about lead generation
  • Using “Call To Actions” in my blogs
  • Video Marketing
  • On-Page SEO (Actual content on a post)
  • Off-Page SEO (Using backlinks to promote a blog for example)
  • Building relationships with others
  • Creating a bigger social media following
  • Learning how to syndicate content online
  • Paid Marketing strategies (such as Facebook Pay-Per-Click aka PPC)
  • Mentally becoming more positive and inspired to work harder on a daily basis

The skills I am learning in Empower Network I could use to promote any online business or website I want. One example would be the near 100 comments and hundreds of shares you see on the home page of this blog using a free strategy!

I have also ranked several keywords on the first page of Google I was targeting, David Wood encourages posting blogs daily. By blogging on a regular basis I have actually received 3340 page views and 1815 page visits with 1116 of those being unique visitors! This is pretty cool considering this is almost entirely all organic search traffic.

Overall I have found this system to really get me motivated to learn how to make money online, and I love it! I find lately I am more motivated to take action in my daily efforts, I have even become more organized with programs like Evernote to work on many goals and aspirations I have.

In terms of value of the content and training provided I would rate the system an 8/10. Ready to sign up? Click Here.

My Empower Network Review Pro’s and Con’s.


  • High Converting Capture Pages
  • Customizable sidebars and menu options
  • Easy to Setup for someone brand new to blogging
  • High Alexa Rating
  • Allows Blog Posting on an Aged Domain
  • Training methods that teach you how to market any online business or niche
  • Out of the Box SEO plugin similar to SEOPressor ($100 plugin I believe)
  • You can blog about other marketing opportunities or businesses


  • No capability to use WordPress plugins
  • Blog posts are frowned upon by Facebook as “spam” – A work around is available here socialmediabar.com
  • May be confusing for someone new to online marketing to give up on the system easily
  • No real training on setting up your own blog or website (This is honestly not a real bad thing as many people would have a difficult time learning how to do this, EN makes this simple for you)

I am also able to offer a bonus being part of Rob Fore’s team through his Empower Network University, being a basic member will entitle you to his training course “Posting On Purpose” that he normally sells for $50.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or leave a comment below.

Want to watch the Empower Network Presentation? Click here and enter your e-mail. Click here if you are ready to join now for only $25.

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