Your Website’s Annual Review – What Are You Missing?

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Are you reviewing your company’s website on a regular basis? Ideally, you need to be carrying out a complete review every year to ensure that your site is always performing as well as it should be. If you haven’t already got your website’s annual review pencilled into your diary, then it is really important to enter it in now.

Reviewing your site in this way gives you the chance to treat it as if it were a car. Think of it this way – your car needs regular maintenance and work to run properly, and you probably wouldn’t want to use it if you knew that it was behind on some of its safety and security checks. Well, your website is similar – not carrying out important maintenance could make it a prime target for hackers, and it could even become difficult for web users to use.

Not sure what you need to check during your review? Here are some key points.

Mobile Responsiveness

The majority of web users now view the internet on their tablet and mobile devices. In fact, usage of laptops and desktop computers is now at an all-time low. Because of this, it is crucial that your site’s web design is mobile responsive. Even if it is right now, it is still important that you check this on a regular basis to ensure that the design is still working as effectively as it should. If there seems to be some issues with its mobile design, you can always get a web designer to work on it for you.

The Contact Form

The contact form on your site is possibly one of the most important tools on your whole site. Without it, it would prove to be very difficult for prospective new clients and customers to get in touch with you! So, you need to make sure that it is always working and that there are no glitches messing with it. You can quickly do this by sending a test message.


The SEO ranking of your site will constantly be changing. That’s because your SEO will need continual work to ensure it is always top-ranking. Not only that, though, but your competitors might always be improving their own SEO efforts, and you will always need to try and stay one step ahead of them. So, at the end of the year, get a big overview of your digital marketing team’s SEO efforts so that you can see if they are really working as well as you would hope.

The Domain Name

Most domain hosts will automatically renew your site’s domain on a yearly business, but this is something that you might have to check. If it expires without you realizing it, then you could inadvertently cause chaos for your customers as it could make it impossible for them to navigate to your site!

Once you carry out all of the above checks on an annual basis, you should find that your company’s site runs like clockwork without any issues!

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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