Why You Should Emphasize Authenticity in Your Marketing

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There’s a lot to be said about the most effective approaches to marketing, with some people choosing to emphasise traditional marketing avenues such as the use of billboards and posters, while others are more in favour of volume-focused and web-based techniques 

For the marketer who likes to cover all their bases and wants to reach out to prospective customers more directly, retail SMS marketing may prove to be a great avenue to explore as well.

Ultimately, though, it seems that the traits that you embody in your approach to marketing are at least as important as the specific tools and techniques that you use in order to reach out to your target audience, and to attempt to make the best possible impression on them.

Among all of the traits that are likely to be highly important and significant when it comes to your ability to market effectively, authenticity is easily one of the most noteworthy.

Here are a few reasons why you should always emphasise authenticity in your marketing.

Because customers are becoming increasingly sensitive to it

As time goes by, and as customers become more and more accustomed to a wide and dynamic range of different marketing practices, their expectations for how marketing material should be presented are growing and changing consistently. More than this, however, customers are increasingly becoming sensitive to the authenticity – or lack thereof – of the companies who are doing the marketing.

More and more, authenticity is something that people, by and large, are drawn towards – and companies that seem to reflect the genuine interest or passion of the company’s creators and team members, are bound to be more appealing than companies which seem to be driven purely by financial interest.

If you ensure that your marketing is in line with what you find authentically meaningful, significant, and fun, with regards to your product or service, there’s a good chance that people will respond much more favourably towards your marketing materials and will walk away with a better sense of your company as a whole.

Because it will increase the chances that your marketing will be fresh and creative

Let’s be honest; your ability to create effective marketing materials, and to think of effective marketing campaigns that are fresh, creative, and compelling, will almost invariably tend to be much greater if you actually have fun with what you are doing, and are authentically expressing your creative vision through your marketing materials.

Creativity is highly sought-after in business as a whole, and it’s especially sought-after with regards to marketing – as marketing campaigns which are pioneering and creative are simultaneously the ones that frequently end up transforming the landscape and making the greatest possible impact.

True creativity and innovation are always bound to be greater and more prevalent when accompanied by authenticity.

Because it will provide some important consistency throughout your marketing campaigns

Effective marketing always needs to be dynamic. It has to involve new approaches over time in order to capitalise on changes in the market, as well as to keep prospective customers on their toes.

At the same time, however, a consistent brand identity is vitally important when it comes to the cumulative effect of your marketing campaigns over time – as you want to create a clear sense of resonance and familiarity with your brand among your prospective customer base.

For this reason, taking an approach to marketing which is totally “haphazard,” and which relies on completely tailoring all of your market campaigns to whatever appears to be most culturally relevant, or the best aligned with developments within the marketplace, is likely to be a bad idea.

When you are always emphasising authenticity in your marketing, however, and are striving to ensure that your approach to marketing is aligned with your own authentic preferences, sense of personality, and your ideal conception of your brand identity, your marketing will likely be significantly more consistent in an important sense.

Because it will contribute significantly to enthusiasm and engagement on your part

When all said and done, your ability to market effectively over time, and to develop your business effectively over time, will be intimately tied to how enthusiastic and engaged you can remain with your company as a whole, and with your marketing campaigns in particular. Simply put, if you genuinely believe in what you’re trying to sell, you will tend to be significantly more positive and driven, and this will mean that you will likely be significantly more consistent, and significantly less likely to end up faltering when confronted by obstacles along the way.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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