Why You Should Already Be Outsourcing Your Marketing


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Like any business owner, you’ll understand that your venture isn’t going to make it that far without some strong marketing behind it. You might be sitting on the best idea in your industry to come along in decades, but if you’re not dangling it in front of the right people, you’re not going to make a penny from it! If you’re afraid that your marketing is taking a back seat due to strained resources, here are some reasons to outsource your marketing.

Immediate Leads


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When you outsource your marketing to a reputable marketing agency, you can rest assured that you won’t have to chase them down or micro-manage to see results. Any marketing company is going to know they need to take initiative and set gears in motion. Thanks to this, you won’t have to waste any of your valuable resources on managing your marketing materials, or even any in-house resources. When employing the services of one of these companies, you’ll immediately tap into an abundance of creative talent, and see your metrics start to pick up within the first two weeks. That momentum is only going to build in the period afterwards, too! If you’re desperate for immediate leads, you could certainly do a lot worse than outsourcing!

More Cost-Effective than In-House

If you were to hire a marketing manager with enough experience behind them, then you’ll probably have to pay out around $60k a year to keep them on board. Aside from that, you’ll probably need to take on more admin staff to support various marketing initiatives, which can bump the total up even higher. This is going to be an especially big burden if you choose to use a recruitment agency like so many other businesses. On the other hand, if you outsource your growth hacking or SEO services to an outside agency, you’ll only have to pay for their work for a given amount of time, in which you’ll have access to all the benefits of an in-house marketing professional and the team of administrators behind them. If the agency has competitive pricing, you’ll be looking at around half the cost of an in-house marketing professional.

Keep Your Sales Staff Motivated


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When you have a solid marketing strategy in place, you’ll be able to reassure everyone in your sales team that the company is moving onwards and upwards as much as possible. This will make it much easier for them to capture and then follow up new prospective leads. You may have sat down at sales team meetings before, and heard your reps complaining that no one they talk to has ever heard of the company, or that they’d be far more successful with access to better sales literature. Poor marketing is usually the go-to scapegoat for sales teams, but that won’t be the case with some effective online marketing in place. When your campaign is really underway, a larger number of prospects will have heard of the brand, lending it more credibility, and making it so much easier to close sales.

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