Why Are Your Marketing Strategies Failing To Convert?

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Whoever said “build and they will come” certainly wasn’t talking about marketing. The harsh reality is that most brands continue to restrict themselves by using outdated or inferior campaigns. If yours are failing to convert, it’s imperative that you fix this issue ASAP. Until you do, success in other aspects of the venture will feel redundant.

So, why are your marketing campaigns currently falling flat and what can be done to resurrect them? Here’s all you need to know.

They’re not getting seen

Marketing campaigns cannot have any success if they do not get seen by the right people. When thinking about online marketing, organic search engine traffic is still the #1 feature by far. As such, you must learn to perfect your SEO strategy. This will ensure that your website gets seen and attracts visits from people who are actively in the buying mindset. 

When looking at social media campaigns and offline campaigns, ads and content must reach the right demographics. If you know your niche audience, be sure to adjust the reach of your PPC ads and choose the right outlets to display posters or printed materials. Aside from boosting the campaign’s efficiency, any subsequent insights will be far greater.

They’re too generic

When planning your marketing strategy, you naturally want to reach the biggest possible audience. The harsh reality, however, is that most people simply won’t be interested in the business. Worse still, by trying to please everyone, you run the risk of alienating the people who would need your products or services. Tailoring content to meet their needs is vital.

For starters, you should follow the frameworks that work for your industry. Dedicated law firm marketing, for example, would yield far better results than using ideas usually used by retail outlets. This is because the demographics are vastly different. Showing that you can solve a prospective client’s pain points will give them an added incentive to choose your brand.

They don’t use follow ups 

Reaching new customers to grow your client base is great. However, many studies show that it is more practical and cost-effective to remarket to past clients. If they know and trust the brand, there is a far better chance that they will use it again. Your job is to reach out to them and show them that you have another product or service just for them.

There are many ways to make this happen, such as using data analytics to spot trends. If you know that customers who buy product X often supplement it with product Y, upsell it. Using cookies and automated email marketing to recover abandoned carts can work wonders. Timed promotions and loyalty schemes can be very effective too.

The final word

Ultimately, a strong marketing campaign must do several things. It must reach and engage the right audience at the right times while making them want to complete the purchase NOW. Because if you give them a chance to delay it, there’s a good chance they’ll look at competitors. When your marketing campaigns resonate with them and create a sense of urgency, success is assured.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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