Does My Website Look Good In This?

You don’t need us to tell you that websites are essential in modern business. There are few articles out there which don’t at least mention it. It’s old news, and advice you’re sure to have headed already. It’s also likely that you’re pretty aware of all the website woes you should avoid. Again, they’re old news, and you need to tackle them if you want any chance of making a business work.

The chances are that you’re also aware of the need to make your website look good. What you may not realize is how many areas you need to cover. Consider your staff, for instance. It’s unlikely you pass them a shirt and let them do what they want with the rest of their uniform. The same applies for your website. And, here’s how you can get all aspects of your website’s outfit looking good.

The name badge

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A name badge is essential in any workplace which deals face-to-face with customers. And, names matter when it comes to your website, too. The URL you choose will have a significant impact. A long-winded name is sure to turn customers away. Not to mention that it’ll be easy to forget. Instead, you want something short, snappy, and relevant. The chances are you already have some ideas. If not, you can head to sites like for inspiration. Bear in mind that some names will already be taken. Most sites offer alternatives with numbers on the end. Never take them. Instead, cut your losses and go back to the drawing board until you find something better.

The outfit

For obvious reasons, nothing is as important as the outfit your staff wear. This is the first thing customers see, and the lasting impression they form. Get this wrong, and they won’t even come close enough to see the rest of your efforts. When it comes to your website, the outfit is your site itself. This starts with the hosting. Think of that as the top half of the outfit. If your host takes too long to load, for instance, customers are unlikely to hang around. To make sure that doesn’t happen, work with companies like who offer hosting solutions which stand to help you get on top of this. Then, turn your attention to your site. How easy is it to navigate? You should aim to provide as much information as possible in as short a space of time.

The shoes

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Shoes are what get your staff walking, and that’s ultimately what leads to a sale. Without shoes, they wouldn’t be able to approach customers. At least, they wouldn’t look good doing it. The shoes for your website are your SEO capabilities. This is the only real way you can take your site to the people, by increasing your listings on search engines. If you’re unsure how to get started, head to sites like For the most part, though, this involves using keywords and links to make your site search friendly.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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