What Type Of Person Do You Need To Be To Enjoy A Successful Career?

If you’re good at your job, then chances are others in your industry already know who you are. You might describe this as success in your career. In the world of marketing, the bigger the brand, the bigger the name you can make for yourself. So does running the show for a multimillion dollar company mean that you have had a successful career? Or can you be successful in your career in other ways? What does it take to be a success these days?

Educated Or Experienced?

You might have half a dozen qualifications including degrees, but that doesn’t mean that they apply to the career you’re in. For many businesses, having a degree is just the prerequisite for getting a foot in the door. From there, you need to gain the right experience to progress your career up the ladder to success. Of course, when it comes to marketing, the more you know about your area of expertise, and the more you know about business, the better. That knowledge could come from college or work experience. Or maybe you’re just really good at reading around your subject?

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Tenacious Or Malleable?

To succeed in anything you need to be tenacious. You have to keep trying even if you’re suffering setbacks. But it might be more important that you are malleable. Everything changes, so you must be able to change with it. If you are easy to mold into your company’s idea of the perfect marketer, chances are you’ll have success in that business.

Science Or Arts?

There is a science behind marketing. And, of course, there is an art to it. Does it matter if your degree is science or arts based? Does it even matter if your marketing specialism is based in the technology or design side? No. You can succeed at whatever you excel at. There are plenty of opportunities for both. Whatever your background or education, you can find a role that will fit. There are men and women in technology, project management and creative campaigns that came from a variety of different backgrounds.

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Financially Backed Or Financially Driven?

Does it take money to make money? We all hear of those entrepreneurs that made it with zero investment. However, if you have the cash behind you to set up and invest effectively, you can start to build your business more easily. Sure, you can advertise for free. Is it the most effective campaign, though? Marketing is there to make money for the business at the end of the day so your decisions must be driven by financial gain.

No Nonsense Or No Worries?

What’s your management style? A successful manager is one that can handle the ups and the downs with professionalism. How you describe yourself when you have that skillset is up to you. You might prefer the hard line approach that shapes your team. Or you might prefer to be approachable to the team that comes to you with the solutions you need to take the worry out of the problem.

Like Daddy Or Like Your Hero?

We all have a hero we aspire to be like. And many of us look directly to our parents for the guidance we need to succeed. Who’s your hero? You can watch a parent more carefully to make up your own mind about their approach. But perhaps the apple never falls far from the tree?

Gifted Or Hard Working?

It’s not easy to succeed. Some entrepreneurs work hard for decades and still wouldn’t describe themselves as successful. Others seem to become overnight successes with barely any effort involved. Do you need talent? No, but surely a little advantage over the next guy can’t be a bad thing! Do you need to work hard? No. Work smart. Use your abilities, education, talents, or whatever you want to call them, as effectively as you can.

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Family Supported Or Individually Focused?

Sometimes it’s best to focus entirely on your goal. Being driven can be pretty lonely though. And being focused can sometimes mean you have a narrow vision. Success is often better enjoyed with loved ones. And those that love you the most can help you see the wood for the trees.

People Person Or Creative?

Should you aim to network or build up your perfect team of talent? Or should you find the most creative way to impress the customer through design and innovation? Maybe a little of both is best. After all, your customer won’t be impressed for long if they can’t find the human element of your products and services. What type of person are you?

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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