The TweetAdder Affiliate Program

The TweetAdder Affiliate Program

So if you have read my TweetAdder Review you should have a pretty good idea of what TweetAdder can do for you to help you grow a Twitter following. I decided to sign up as a free affiliate after purchasing the software. I wanted to write this post to go over some of the benefits offered as an affiliate and how you can earn affiliate commissions with Tweetadder. If you have already purchased Tweetadder and you are already interested in signing up you can use this link here then clicking the affiliate icon!

See this link here for more information on the TweetAdder affiliate program. Here is an overview of what is offered:

  • Full Featured Affiliate Strategy Tutorial Videos
  • Affiliate Tutorial Videos so you get the most out of our tools
  • Custom Tracking Links so you can track which efforts are paying off for you
  • 2 desktop applications to notify you immediately on every sale and direct access to your current statistics
  • Full range of Rich Media including banners, light boxes, page peels, and text links.

What I like about the Tweetadder affiliate program is that they offer plenty of training content and the information provided can be used as general knowledge applied towards any type of affiliate program or software you are looking to promote. Here is a screenshot of all the videos that they offer in the training:

How do you get paid with the Tweetadder Affiliate program?

They offer 50% commissions on each sale through your affiliate link, for any affiliates that sign up through you this will yield you 10% of their sales. Pretty awesome if you ask me! I can show you ways to promote Tweetadder beyond what is offered in the free training. They pay you every month once you have reached $50 in affiliate commission, when signing up initially you will receive a $10 bonus just for signing up. This is a great bonus for anyone looking to make affiliate commission along side any internet based business they may be running. If you have a blog you can easily write a post regarding how this program has helped you, show others and help them do the same with this software.

Ready to sign up? Click here. Once you are on the TweetAdder home page click the Affiliate icon and scroll to the bottom and select “Yes, I want to sign up”

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